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Appointments among B2B sales teams and qualified leads


How we work

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

We understand and define with you and your sales team the ideal customer profile of your business, according to variables such as location, companies size, decision-maker profile and others.


We map the companies that match with your ICP by identifying their decisive elements. After that, we begin the pre-qualification process to understand the perfect way to approach them.


We create an effective communication flow that aims to evoke their interest in your product or service to kick-off the qualifying process of this element for your business.


We schedule meetings among the decisive members of the target company and his sales team, sending  relevant information and incorporating it to your agenda or CRM.


Who we are

We are professionals with over 18 years of experience in prospecting and sales for startups, small, medium and enterprise companies.

Our ​​operation area is very assorted, covering many niches such as executive aviation, the automotive market and the IT companies, both in Latin America and Europe.

Our main goal is helping companies to build a constant flow of qualified leads and successful business meetings, by using well-structured prospecting strategies and developing opportunities to raise new business relationships.


Eficiente e prático. Gera reuniões com quem realmente decide sobre a compra do serviço, fazem um ótimo trabalho de prospecção e qualificação dos leads. Além disso, o suporte é fantástico e sempre disponível.

Hildo Azevedo, CEO

Realmente vejo valor, pois gera oportunidades de negócios. Vale ressaltar que, além dos follow-ups constantes e da captação de leads, geram abordagens customizadas e eficientes, e isso nos daria muito trabalho. Imagina quantas pessoas eu precisaria contratar para fazer isso? E não teriam a qualidade necessária!

Leandro Germano, Head os Sales

Super Troco

A equipe sabe muito bem o que faz. Fizemos reuniões com médias e grandes empresas no Brasil e na Europa, tendo somente a Meetz como fonte de prospecção e leads. Parabéns pelo trabalho incrível. Recomendo!

Felipe Lucena, CFO


Our clients met

meetz leads logos.png

. . . and many others!

Leonardo Ciannella, CEO

Ad agency in Brazil and Europe

I'm really surprised with the quality of these meetings and leads. It used to be an old wish for us to have an active prospecting channel and, trust me, I’ve tried everything before Meetz. I can only make compliments. Congratulations!


Paulo Félix, Managing Partner

Tech company in Latin America and Europe

"With Meetz we are able to gain speed and take advantage of their expertise and data in a crucial step of generating outbound demand, with close customer support, super aligned and directed work to generate truly qualified meetings."

They trust us



Managed Outreach Service

More affordable than an inside sales rep,

more effective than a marketing team.

  • Booking meetings with leads

  • Monthly campaign

  • Strategy and astonishing copywriting

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Dedicated Business Development Rep (BDR)

  • Dedicated Lead Researcher

  • Respond to all messages

  • Data driven outreach

  • Weekly report

  • Strategic meetings and ongoing check-ins

Reach out to  1.000+ leads 

(~150 companies reached monthly)

1.290£ per month

+ Setup and market analysis 390£


How does our solution work?

Which is the due contract time?

We find the best companies based on your ICP and target niche to reach out and develop a communication flow with decision-makers from those companies. We present your business to those leads, rearing interest and schedule meetings for your sales team.

What is the guarantee of results?

The prospecting process is not an exact science, this work demands time and lots of effort to be done, so we understand, based on our experience 3 months is a good trial period. But don’t worry, in case you need to cancel, just email us, and we call off our agreement.

There is not this kind of payment model on our projects. Here at Meetz we are prospecting specialists, so we are not part of your negotiation meetings, or close deals beneath your team.

We assure that our work will be 100% dedicated and focused on presenting your solutions and services to the largest number of decision-makers in companies with the ideal profile chosen by you, respecting the reality of your market, competition, etc.

Does you work based on success fee?

Do you participate in the meetings?

How will you to talk about my business?

We don’t participate in your meetings. We believe that in the sales process each person has their own essential part and ours is to prospect so your commercial team can do their best: selling.

Through our experience over the years, we developed an easy implementation that allows us to apply this know-how efficiently in prospecting projects of so many different areas, like yours.


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