How it works

Technologies and processes for more human sales

Understand here what is the step by step of our work. Find out what our processes are to make your company sell more.

Be a customer

The ideal for every company: benefits for your needs

Meetz has solutions for every need. Check here what benefits we offer to your company, according to your moment and interest.

SMEs and startups

(Small and medium)

  • More economical than an internal team
  • More efficient than a marketing and advertising agency
  • Prospecting with ideal quality and volume for your company
  • Focus on what matters: qualified decision makers
  • Make your company grow without increasing HR costs



  • Open doors in new markets, with safety and practicality
  • Meet with decision makers from companies in Brazil or abroad
  • Avoid hiring, training and system licensing costs
  • Its commercial team focused on what it does best: selling
  • Metrics and information directly from your market

Reasons to prospect

B2B companies must always be one step ahead in such a competitive and fast-moving market.

Technology, combined with the expertise in how to use it for every need, has proven to be an increasingly fundamental tool. Here, we objectively gather 14 reasons for your company to prospect:

Greater objectivity

  • Attracting the right decision makers at the right time
  • Reduce the sales cycle
  • Optimize your sales team's time
  • Develop business through more efficient channels


  • Improve sales predictability
  • Increase sales possibilities
  • Ensure the perpetuity of the business
  • Improve the average ticket

Greater reach

  • Find the best companies within the ideal customer profiles
  • Have an active and more efficient prospecting channel
  • Reduce dependence on networking and referrals

More business

  • Gain market
  • Expand areas of expertise
  • Test new products, segments and markets
  • Oxygenate the customer base
  • Brand exposure

Step by step

Technology and processes for more human sales

Understand here what is the step by step of our work. Find out what our processes are to make your company sell more.

1. Setup and market analysis

First, we understand where your company is and where you want to go. We analyze your ideal customer profile and then develop the best communication strategy.

2. Technology to sell more

We use technology and expertise to mine, find and validate leads with the ideal profile for your company. All through business intelligence systems, big data, data mining, artificial intelligence and data analysis.

3. Focus on who decides

Knowing your goals, we drive accurate communication to attract the right decision makers. Our focus is to transform “I don't have time” into “I'm interested”.

4. Information for successful meetings

Along with the scheduled meeting, your team receives a very rich briefing, with information about the lead, the company, previous communication and much more.

5. More and better deals

Quality is essential for our work to always maintain good results. That's why we want to know about your experience at each meeting.